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  •    PE water supply pipe series

        PE is a kind of thermoplastic resin highly crystalline and non-polar with many good properties. Water supply pipes are one of its biggest application markets. Owing to high strength,high temperature resistance,anti-corrosion,reliable connection,hygiene,non-toxicity and other features, PE pipe is widely used ln the field of water supply pipe  manufacturing and it has become ideal pipe replacing traditional steel water supply pipe and cement concrete pipe.


    >Low chemical stability. Since the HDPE molecular polarity, chemical stability is good. Except a few strong oxidizer, most chemical medium can't afford to damage to it.Not breed bacteria not scale, its circulation area will not reduce with the increase of running time. Belong to the environmental protection product.
    >Good low bonding strength (mainly hot melt docking socket) such as: joint less, no leakage.
    >When the construction is convenient. Because of the HDPE tube light weight, handling and connection is very convenient, so quick construction, maintenance is simple. In the case of the tight and poor construction conditions, its advantage is more obvious.
    >Low friction coefficient is small, large flow. Use of HDPE pipe than others of the same caliber pipes can be more traffic. In other words, the same request, caliber can be used
    >Low compressive ability. Compared with other pipe has obvious advantages
    >Low service life is long. Under the condition of not subject to direct sunlight ultraviolet ray, use fixed number of year can reach more than 50 years

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