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  •    PE-RT pipe series

        PE-RT (heat-resistant and reinforced PE-RT) is one kind of new-designed middle-density PE material, such material acts l-octane as monomer for mutual polymer, unique molecular structure obtained through precise control for polymerization, so that this distinctly reinforces heat resistance, long-term static pressure resistance and stress-resistance and crack resistance with material and relevant performances. Flexibility for PE-RT pipe, better welding performance and better stability at high temperature and relevant performance made it widely used in floor radiation heating system. This fully applies for SK imported raw material (made in South Korea),and applies for professional technology and advanced production streamline for one-time extrusion and profiled completion.
    >Feature better flexibility, its bending radius reaches less five times than outside diameter of pipe, making it more easier and economical while layout
    >Less interior frictional loss, liquid conveyance capacity for pipe is more 30% than diameter-equivalent metallic pipe
    >Better chemical resistance, longer life of use
    >Better environmental adaptation, excellent low-temperature cold- resistance and nick-resistance and nick-resistance and expansion resistant capacity
    >Smooth interior wall and free from dirt
    >Impact-resistant performance is better than that of PP-R or PEX pipe
    >Better heat radiation performance, and 0.4wt/m heat transfer cofficient
    >Under normal use, pipe has over 50-year life of safety use

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